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[ Painter ]

Visual artist, musician and performer
Reza Derakhshani was born in Sangsar, Iran.
Finished high school with a degree in
mathematics in Semnan and studied
visual arts at Tehran university and
Art Center in California.
He taught visual arts at Tehran university and
school of decorative arts before moving
to the United States where he adopted
the city of New York for two decades.
Reza derakhshani is also an accomplished
musician and has been collaborating with
several renowned international musician,
poets and performers.
Derakhshani showed his work in Tehran
at the Khaneh e Honarmandan in 2002 which
was accompanied by a music performance.
The reception for his first appearance after
a long period of absence inspired him with
more shows in Tehran, followed by exhibition
of his large canvases at the Niavaran
creation center with two nights of outdoor
music performance ,Tarrahan Azad gallery,
Baran gallery, Assar art gallery and his large
scale Pardeh paintings and two music
performances at Tehran Contemporary Art
museum, while exhibiting in Europe and the US.
Derakhshani’s work has been shown in Tehran,
London, Rome, New York, Paris, Geneva,
Mexico, Austin, Seattle and Los Angeles
among other places and they are in major
collections around the world.
This is Derakhshani’s first show at Khak gallery
which will follow by a solo show and music
performance, next Fall.
He currently lives and works between
Tehran, Europe and the US.