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Homo Sapiens

[ February, 2019 ]

Khak Gallery :: Homo Sapiens

Masoud Akhavan Jam

Homo Sapiens


When 62,000 years ago the Homo Sapiens, the wise humans, crossed the African continents onto the northern continents, it took them nearly 50.000 years to completely wipe out all the other human kinds such as the Homo erectus and homo neanderthal. Now why did they commit such act?


We will never know for certain. What we know for sure is that the Homo sapiens were wise enough to wipe out all the other human kinds. But what they did, leaves us only to speculate that perhaps they thought they were more beautiful and so the better kind of humans and so they deserved more to remain and rule the earth, and the less beautiful humans just had to go.


No matter what we find in nature or what we create on our own perhaps the most pleasing object for human eye will always be the human body.



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